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  • What insurance companies participate with MEDSOL? How do I find out if mine is one of them?

    For a list of Participating Insurance Providers, please refer to the Approved Insurance Companies section of our website.

  • What are the instructions for collecting a 24-hour urine specimen?

    You’ll find the instructions on the collection container that is given to you.

  • Can I take my medications before I take my blood tests?

    Please take your medication unless your doctor gives you specific instructions not to do so.

  • My doctor ordered some blood tests. Can I eat or drink before the test?

    This is dependent upon the type of blood tests ordered. Your physician should tell you if the test(s) require fasting (no eating, drinking, gum chewing, etc.). If you are unsure, please contact your physician or ask our laboratory personnel.

  • When will my test results be available?

    Most test results are ready by the same day. However, availability may vary depending on the type of test. Your physician is provided with the results as soon as they are complete. Please contact your physician for the results.

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