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Anatomical Pathology

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Surgical Pathology of small and large, surgically removed specimens (e.g. skin, GI, prostate, testicular biopsies, cysts. Breast lumps, mastectomy, bowel segments for tumor, any organ for tumor, ovaries, tubes, etc.)

Special Histochemical and immunohistochemistry stains


  • Conventional PAP smears
  • Liquid Based Cytology (L.B.C.) by SurePath (Please contact Histopathology and Specialty Laboratory for specimen vials and collection instructions)
  • Fine needle Aspiration (FNA) from all sites
  • Body fluid (e.g. pleural, urine, peritoneal, CSF, bronchial, sputum)
Molecular tests for HPV:
  • Send-out for PCR genotyping

Referral Cases

Referral cases for expert specialist opinion are sent abroad

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