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Medsol Diagnostics is able to provide full or tailor made Employee Health Screening Services throughout the GCC region.
Regular healthcare screening plays a vital role in helping employers care for and understand the needs of their employees, enabling businesses to reduce absence levels due to sickness, and optimize staff performance and productivity.

When an employee health screening test is administered, it covers standard measurements of vital functions.

Most employee health screening tests take into account the following:

  • Blood Glucose Level – Blood tests review for the presence of Diabetes
  • Blood Pressure – Both readings are taken using the sphygmomanometer. Background medical information and previous blood pressure history is noted.
  • Cerebrovascular/Stroke Condition – Blood is taken to determine if there are blood vessel abnormalities
  • Cholesterol – Healthy cholesterol and unhealthy cholesterol readings are screened using a blood sample. Diet choices and use of medication is recorded.
  • Diabetes – Screening is by a blood sample for lipid profiling testing which also highlights any Cholesterol concerns.

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